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To rent or buy? Here’s 5 pros to renting a Paddleboard

Paddleboarding has exploded onto the watersports scene over the last decade. It's an easily accessible sport with minimal equipment, it's fun and it's easier than it looks (we promise!). But you might be wondering whether you should splash out and buy the whole family boards for your vacation, or could renting be the better option? Here's our 5 pros to renting Paddleboards.

Try Before You Buy!

Having your own board is fantastic, but it's a big step if you're new to the sport or still starting out. Renting a Paddleboard is a great way to test the waters. This will allow you to get an idea of what equipment you need, what works for you, and whether you even like doing it (obviously you will).

Another Toy.....

Now this one isn't aimed at the full time Paddleboarder. But we've all done it before, gotten excited about a new toy and in reality we'll only use it once or twice a year, the rest of the year it's taking up garage space. Paddleboards can be a big investment and if you aren't planning to use them often, then renting one is a fantastic and cheaper option.

Smooth Traveling

Packing for a big trip can be rough, there's a lot to remember and space is tight. Inflatable paddleboards have made transporting them so much easier. But if you are tight on space or you just don't want the extra hassle of bringing your own, then renting paddleboards for the vacation is a sure way to streamline your experience.

No maintenance

Paddleboards are made pretty tough, but they do need some tender loving over the years. Whether it's small air leaks, leaky valves, torn handles or wonky fins, they'll need some TLC over time. Renting takes this hassle away and ensures you have high quality boards that are good to go!

Only The Best

We can't speak for all providers, but when you rent from us, you're getting top of the line. Gears expensive, and if you're looking to buy your own, especially multiple boards, this may push you to buy less quality gear. By renting and getting top of the line gear, your experience will be that much better. The boards will be more user friendly, easy to handle, light weight, and good quality.

If you paddleboard frequently then buying a board is the obvious way to go, but if any pros above apply to you, then go grab a rental, try it out and fall in love with this fun, adventure sport!

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